Caroline Buchanan, a well known and wonderfully talented watercolor painter, has been teaching at ArtWorks for about 14 years.  A vibrant group has studied with her through the years, taking over ArtWorks one weekend a month for the first quarter or so of every year, (except this one, of course).
These retreat weekends were a rich opportunity to focus on painting away from the usual distractions.  Every few years or so the group would exhibit their current work for a few hours or so or celebrate a birthday allowing people in to come take a peek.  The artists would also participate in a shared dinner on Saturday evenings. Caroline Buchanan demonstrating watercolor painting techniques It has been a great privilege to watch this community grow and evolve at ArtWorks.  Of course, all things come to an end and Caroline is retiring from this particular venture.  We wanted to take a moment and thank you, Caroline, for your good mentoring, gentle guidance in creating such a strong artist community.

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