Meet Our Instructors

Instructor: Carol Adelman
Classes: Drawing, Painter, Printmaking

Carol Adelman is a painter, printmaker and experienced educator living and working in the Seattle area.  Her foremost priority as a teacher is to help students develop a personal relationship to materials.  In addition to teaching skills, her goal is to help each student access the concerns that motivate them to explore the visual world.

She has taught at Louisiana State University, Kutztown University, Dickinson College and the University of Washington among other learning institutions. Among other venues, her work has been shown in Seattle at the Bellevue Art Museum and Davidson Gallery as well as the Bowery Gallery in New York.

Carol’s work is developed with a sensual, aggressive approach to materials that borders on abstraction and engages with the concept of a fragmented self and the construction of gender.

To view her work go to  Work by her students can be seen at

Instructor: Mary Anderson
Classes: Printmaking, Watercolors

Mary Anderson earned her degree in art from the University of Washington and has been painting in watercolor for over 25 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge in this as well as the art of drawing to her students. Mary drew inspiration through the watercolors of artists such as John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer.

Luxuriating in the interplay of color, light and atmosphere, Mary paints the natural world around us – rural scenes, still life, flowers, water and boats. Mary is a member of Women Painters of Washington.

Instructor: Meredith Arnold
Classes: Jewelry, Metal, Clay, Mixed Media, Bookbinding

Meredith Arnold, known as a Comedian Artist, is the Director of ArtWorks, and has developed a career as a professional teaching artist at colleges, universities and events around the U.S. and in Europe. She offers video based classes online with and

She began as a painter and photographer and continues to incorporate paint and photographic imagery into her work whether it is jewelry, collage, or books. Her work has been featured in many books and magazines and exhibited internationally. Two of her handmade books are in the Rare Books and Manuscripts collection in Suzallo Library at the University of Washington. Current work may be seen at the ShoreLake Arts Gallery, in Lake Forest Park, WA and Tacoma Metal Arts Center, Tacoma, WA.

Instructor: Whitney Buckingham-Beechie
Classes: Encaustic

Whitney is a contemporary mixed media artist in the Pacific Northwest with roots in dance, teaching and a life-long love of design. For me, art means constantly growing, learning, exploring. The two words that best describe what drives me artistically have always been “What if? ”

Primarily an abstract artist, my work is encaustic and mixed media with an emphasis on Indigo dye. My work is influenced by my background in dance and a fascination with the sensuous beauty found within color, texture, movement and form.


Instructor: Victoria Foster Harrison
Classes: Mark making & mixed media

Victoria Foster Harrison, of the Curly Girl Art Studio, is a working artist and workshop instructor, located in Port Townsend, WA. Victoria specializes in Encaustic Printmaking (creating original one-of-a-kind prints with beeswax and paper). She is on a consistent quest to explore mark making, abstract calligraphy and asemic writin.  Victoria is focused on how to incorporate these art methods into her artworks. Victoria’s recent shows include “Impressions”, a group exhibition in March at the Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery, and “Heel, Toe and Away We Go” in April at the Fogue Gallery in Seattle, sponsored by the NW Collage Society.

Instructor: Sharon Grader
Classes: Mark making, mixed media & encaustic

Sharon is an abstract painter drawn to the fundamental aspects of creating art. No matter whether the medium is hot beeswax, ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic, combined with asemic writing or mark making, my curiosity constantly challenges her to push the boundaries of my limitations.

Exploration and experimentation are major elements of her artistic journey of discovery. She often works with found objects, using cardboard, paper bags, dyed silk, rusted paper, encaustic monoprinting, watercolor, oil, and pastels. She is fascinated with the creative process and the constant wonder that surprises her every day.

Instructor: Sue Gross
Classes: Mixed Media

Sue is a printmaker and an illustrator. She spent many years working in publishing and raising a family, and came back to artwork full time about 20 years ago. She loves the art of printmaking! She mainly works in block printing (also known as relief or linocut printing), but has also used intaglio, monotype and silkscreen printing in her artwork. Her printmaking is always changing, as she likes to explore new techniques and incorporate them into her artwork. She is currently working on a technique called Reduction Printing. She illustrated two children’s books, I’m Going to be a Big Sister, and I’m Going to be a Big Brother, both the recipients of the 2006 iParent Media Awards. 


Instructor: Mariah Hall
Classes: Drawing

Mariah Hall is currently a student at Western Washington University studying art and over the summer of 2023 she was an intern at ArtWorks. Her goal is to open an art studio like ArtWorks in Bellingham after she graduates, due to the lacking art spaces available, while also continuing to develop her career as an Artist.

She typically works in pencil, charcoal, watercolors, colored pencils, or digital art (Procreate on the iPad) but loves trying new mediums when the opportunity arises. Most of her subjects are portraits, the female figure, or hands and she enjoys the challenge of capturing the likeness of a person and their personality.

Instructor: Brenno Kenji
Classes: Drawing and Painting

Brenno Kenji has taught figure drawing for over 12 years. He has studied under Steve Huston, Karl Gnass, Glenn Vilppu, Kevin Chen, and  the late Glen Orbik, among others, in Los Angeles, California,  where he also taught Life Drawing and Narrative Drawing at the Loyola Marymount University. He’s also an avid painter, having studied under Sunny Apinchapong-Yang, Sean Cheetham, Mian Situ, and Steve Assael, and  having taught alla prima painting at private studios in the Los Angeles area.

Instructor: Marcia Meckelson Miller
Classes: Mixed Media, Collage

Approaching retirement in 2008, Marcia returned to her love of painting. Working primarily in pastel she studied with many prominent pastel teachers, painting mostly landscapes until in 2012 when monoprinting for pastel underpainting became a medium on its own.

Upon retirement in 2014, she finally had the time to produce more works. Abstraction became her a new focus. Collage combined with the   monoprinting process developed into a love of Collage. Collage led to mosaic work produced with broken dishes. The cut pieces are reassembled to create mosaic garden décor.

Marcia now spends several days each week working on and expanding her artistic journey into many mediums of art, such as mosaic, pastel, collage and gardening.


Instructor: Nan Robkin
Classes: Mixed Media

As a published artist with many talents (including a PHD), Nan is known for her extensive knowledge on the properties of different mediums. She is a Certified Master Porcelain Artist, and creates works in watercolors, digital collage, paper arts, polymer clay, mixed water media and more.

Her artist books are part of the permanent collection in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Book Arts section of the Suzallo Library at University of Washington. Nan’s extensive teaching past includes faculty positions at Seattle Pacific University and Discover U as well as events such as ‘Letters of Joy’, the annual regional calligraphy conference.

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