Professional Development

All of the classes at ArtWorks are energizing and fun, and are for people of all experience levels.

Professional Development Classes

Professional Development classes are each offered 1-2 times per year. What we offer:


Photographing Art Work
Discover how to take a good photograph of your art even with just your phone. Good photos are invaluable to promote your shows and more. This class includes hands on so please bring something to photograph smaller than 24” for some practice to build your skills, and a smart phone or camera to use in class.

This class compliments “Marketing for Artists Made Easy” for how to use photos for successful marketing pieces.

Marketing for Artists Made Easy
Is that marketing thing just a fuzzy concept you would rather not think about? Discover simple, fun and successful strategies for getting the word out about your show, exhibit or event in this class. Class content includes easy shortcuts and money saving ways to present your promotional professionally on the fly from just your phone or tablet. All will be made clear and simple!

The Business of Art 
Discover the most successful ways to get your work into galleries, exhibits and displays using effective, tried and true methods.  Effective marketing methods for presenting your work in social media, on print materials (business cards and postcards) and how to best photograph your art, use photo software, set up photo files for submissions and the nitty gritty: contracts, copyright law, and pricing art work.

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