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New Class: Drawing Portraits with Pencil

Explore a variety of techniques while drawing portraits with pencil with the guidance of Mariah Hall. She will instruct you on the basic proportions of the head, hatching, cross-hatching, and blending. Discover how to analyze the different shapes of the shadows cast... READ MORE

NEW Oil Painting Class: Alla Prima Painting

We’re working to offer some new classes this Fall beginning with Alla Prima Painting; an intrinsic link between color and value towards an in-depth exploration of color relationships and the dynamics of color temperature. This approach will provide a solid... READ MORE

iPad and Tablets for Artists

Ever get the feeling that more could be done with your digital tablet artistically but you just don’t know where or how to begin? This class is for you! Tablets are amazing tools that can be used to create art and add to existing art with a huge array of tools at your... READ MORE

NEW CLASS in September: Drawing the Figure

This class explores figure drawing with a focus on gesture, form and design with a live model each session. No previous drawing experience required. Students of all levels are welcome. The instructor will help each student at their own skill level, from complete... READ MORE

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