Wishing for some face to face creative time with friends?  Zoom.us  is a great resource for face to face video chat or even a knitting group! It’s free for up to three people. If you have over three people you’re limited to 45 minutes on the free tier.  You can pay $14.99 for a month and have unlimited numbers of people and time, too.  How does this work?

The host of your group needs to set up a Zoom account (even if using the free option).  Each participant will need to download a Zoom app either for  computer, tablet or phone and have webcam/audio capabilities (these are built into tablets and phones).

Next, a date/time is coordinated for everyone participating.  The host then sends out an email invitation to all participants that includes a link for them to use to join the Zoom chat!
Have more questions?  Visit their FAQ page here, which includes training videos:   https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us



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