This last week we received the results of the Sound Transit survey for their parking expansion project.  Anyone can see the results on the Sound Transit website (  This image is of the page for the Edmonds Station part of the survey results.  They are no longer recommending 2nd and Dayton as a potential parking expansion location. Our site will remain on the list until the Sound Transit Board drops it off officially.  They are scheduled to meet in March.

We would like to thank Melanie Maycock, Sound Transit’s Community Outreach Specialist, for her attention to detail and excellent communication with us.  It has been much appreciated.  We would also like to thank Miranda Redinger, Sound Transit Project Manager.  Both took the time to meet members of our Steering Committee in person and open the lines of communication with us. And of course, thank you everyone for your support!  We head into the New Year feeling renewed and encouraged to continue our mission of supporting artists and providing the space to grow our arts community.

Sound Transit, page 3

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