Painting Classes

"Ethereal Landscapes with Pigmented Wax  &

Oil-Based Media"


Dates:   August 5th-6th, 2017


Times:  Saturday & Sunday, 11am to 5pm


Cost:    $245 / two days  (class size -- min: 2 / max: 8)


Course description: Discover the joys of working in warm, pigmented wax (known as “encaustic paints”) and mixed media while creating gorgeous, ethereal landscapes. Follow in the steps of artists like J.M.W. Turner and Wolf Kahn, both of whom created “dream-like” landscapes in oils and pastels, respectively. Encaustic paint consists of beeswax, damar resin and pigment, and is used while in a warm, molten state. These paintings continue to cure and harden over time, and can be buffed to a beautiful shine.


We will begin with a few encaustic painting “basics”, then start to build some small “minimalist” landscapes. Later on in the workshop, you will be introduced to the use of oil-based media with encaustic wax, incorporating media such as oil sticks, oil paints and oil pastels. Or, you can choose to continue to build on your landscapes using only encaustic paints. All levels are WELCOME! Beginners or some with painting experience will benefit!


Lisa JonesMoore, workshop instructor, has been painting with encaustic wax and mixed media for over 13 years. Prior to this, she was an “en plein air” landscape painter, and exhibited regularly with the Northwest Pastel Society as a Signature Member. Lisa graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She travels quite often to Mexico, always carrying her beloved art supplies with her. Lisa is thrilled to be sharing her entire "skill set" for this workshop!


Prerequisite: All levels welcome.

How to Register:


Online: Use the "Buy Now" PayPal button


Email: to make arrangements.


P.O. Box 699, Edmonds, WA 98020


Phone: 425-774-6049


In Person: at ArtWorks, 201 2nd Ave. S. in Edmonds, WA

Materials Fee: $50


Includes: Encaustic paints, Masonite or MDF substrates, encaustic gesso, encaustic medium, paraffin wax, paint brushes, gloves, baby wipes, foil, wax paper,class handouts, tools & heated equipment


Students Should Bring to Class:  Small amount of either Zinc White or Neutral White encaustic paint: Enkaustikos Wax Snaps and Hot Sticks recommended


Paper towels


Photos or sketches for reference


Note-taking materials


Cellphone or digital tablet for your reference materials, if you choose (there is wi-fi available at ArtWorks)


Lunch (there is tea available at ArtWorks, along with a full kitchen)


Wear OLD clothing (aprons available at ArtWorks–no scarves or low-hanging necklaces, please!)


OPTIONAL, but highly recommended:


Oil-based at supplies: multiple colors of oil sticks (Sennelier, Shiva, Windsor-Newton OilBar), OR soft creamy oil pastels (Sennelier brand pastels are great!), OR oil paint (anything you have laying around-these can only be used on very top layer). Choose colors you love to work with or mimic the landscapes you are going to paint. A couple of very light colors are good for “highlights”.


Scraping tool, such as a metal ceramic flat-edged “loop” tool or a flat-edged wall putty knife


PDF file: Supply List, click here


201 2nd Avenue, Edmonds, WA 98020    •   425-774-6049   •