Mixed Media

Magic Crazy Funky Collages

Collage is the art of creating a two dimensional image by assembling all kind of materials on a substrate. Or, in other words, it is simply fun and inexpensive playful artwork anyone can do. It is a way for an artful self expression and having a good time.


Date: October 16, 2018 (one day)

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cost: $70 (class size-min: 2 / max: 10)

Prerequisites: None, all levels welcome

Materials Fee: $5

Instructor:   Bea Grob, resume (pdf)


In this workshop you will learn to create magical, crazy,funky collages alone or mixed with other medias, i.e. paint, markers etc...  You will learn how to express an idea through the juxtaposition of the images you already have. There will be practical advices about substrates and adhesives, how to work with photographic transparencies, painted papers, rubbings, magazines, ephemera, napkins and more. The all-day Saturday sessions is a hands-on workshop with demonstrations and plenty of time to make art. We start the morning with making some painted papers, rubbings and selecting imagery found in magazines, old books, junk mail, napkins and what not. I will brings some ephemera and transparencies you are free to use. Students are advised to collect some paper material that you love for reason of texture, shape, and / or color.


The Collage Workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to use collage as a tool for self-expression. Beginners and more experienced artist alike are welcome. You don't need to be pro to have fun. The only requirement is a willingness to play and explore. The main thing is to spend some time between scissors, glue and paper, to work with our hand and having a good time



Paint, markers, glue, ephemera, transparencies, old sewing patterns.



- Magazines you love because of texture, shape, and/or color, tissue-papers, napkins, scissors with a good sharp point and/or an xacto knife and self-healing mat.

- Two to four watercolor papers approximately 8 x 9 inch as substrate (I recommend 140 lb, it warps less) or if you don't mind the color you could use cardboard as a substrate.

- Apron and or glasses if desired





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