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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

The weather is going to be gorgeous in the Edmonds/Seattle area!  Don’t forget sunscreen this weekend and remember to stay safe and well. READ MORE

The Sacrifice is Paying Off

It is encouraging to see how our community at large has pulled together to keep everyone safe so we’re posting this recent drone video of downtown Seattle.   Stay patient and keep doing the good you’re doing by staying home.... READ MORE

Creative Ideas for Life at Home, Part 12

Have you noticed how the birds are out in full force?  Yes, it’s spring but also the lowered human activity has encouraged the birds to do what they do well: sing!  No longer frightened by the constant stream of cars, robins are out singing even in the dark.  What a... READ MORE

ArtWorks Closure Through April 5

ArtWorks will continue to be closed through April 5.  We will be re-evaluating this temporary closure during this week.  Our post here on April 3 will clarify whether or not this temporary closure will be extended or not. In the meantime, please stay safe and well.... READ MORE

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